Too often people seeking safety in the UK are forced into poverty and denied access to justice. We want to ensure better outcomes for these people.

As a sector, we primarily address crises: poverty, homelessness and poor health. Early Action takes the opposite approach. It says let's prevent problems from happening and de-escalate them promptly if they start to arise.

Early Action would help reduce pressure on crisis intervention services. We aim to see fewer people needing crisis support and needing that support for less time.



We are creating a community and providing resources and research with the ambition of making lasting change.

While many organisations working with asylum seekers and refugees recognise the importance of preventative approaches, we need to work together to build expertise and develop capacity.

We want to use the breadth of our partnership and growing evidence base to influence funders' perception of our sector. We would like to see a funding approach that encourages quality of outcomes over quantity of outputs.


The Early Action Charter for People Seeking Asylum Programme, launched in July 2018, is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund.

The funding, together with capital raised by Refugee Action, brings together eight diverse frontline organisations from the refugee sector, working across England, to establish a partnership to test, evaluate and share Early Action approaches to service delivery.

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