Asylum Early Action Partnership Summit


Lora Evans

We have a packed agenda we're excited to share with you. Early Action practitioners, leaders and members of the expert by experience network will be sharing their work. We have also made sure there are plenty of interactive activities and opportunities for you to reflect on your own work.

We have developed a tool to help you make the most of the event and take away any learning or actions. You may want to use the worksheet to organise your thoughts and reflections and progress your ideas for developing early action within your own services.

To access the worksheet - open this link. If you use google docs - make a copy of this worksheet and save to your drive. If you prefer to use a work document, press file > download a word version. We will also send this to everyone again during the event.

- Aims and achievements of the Asylum Early Action partnership
- Defining Early Action and the Asylum Early Action Principles
- Categorising Early Action: early, mid and late-stage services
- Keynote speech from Tim-Naor Hilton, Refugee Action CEO
3 Workshops to choose from
- 1. Shifting power to Experts by Experience - set up effective user groups and diversify trustee boards
- 2. Investing in collaboration and development to improve local/regional systems and response
- 3. Sustaining early action: funding approaches that enable experimentation and collaboration and invest for the long term
- Closing remarks and how to get involved in next steps

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