The latest updates and insights from the Early Action partnership.

End of Programme Evaluation

Three year evaluation report by Sian Thomas and Andrew Jolly (IRiS)

NOREAM - The No Recourse Early Action Model

Find out more about how early action is being applied in Hackney to improve outcomes and reduce crisis for families with no recourse to public funds conditions

Recap: Asylum Early Action Summit

Read about what happened at the Asylum Early Action summit and watch the videos of the different sessions if you missed it

Co-production, Shifting Power and Representation

Guidance by members of the Early Action Expert Panel on running user groups and diversifying your trustee board.

Asylum Early Action Partnership Summit

An opportunity to share what we've learnt over the last few years and explore the impact of Early Action for the asylum sector.

What Makes a Service Empowering?

Services that Empower is one of our early action principles. But what do people with lived experience think makes a service empowering?

A new approach for asylum support

We talked to City of Sanctuary about adopting the Early Action principles and exploring new ways of providing support for people in the asylum process.

Eight charities try a new approach

Carolina Albuerne explains how Refugee Action has worked with eight charities to bring an early-action approach to the crisis-driven asylum and refugee sector.

Refugee Action launches new programme

Refugee Action announced last Thursday that it is launching a new programme to help asylum seekers understand the asylum system and avoid falling into crisis

Refugees forced into destitution by lack of information

Advocates claim asylum seekers are not given enough information about how to to navigate a complex legal system.

£1.1 Crisis Prevention Programme

Refugee Action is today launching an England-wide programme to help prevent people in the asylum system living in crisis.

Early Action for Asylum Seekers

"This month we have a guest contribution from our friends at Refugee Action. Lora Evans discusses below how they are taking an Early Action approach to supporting asylum seekers."

By them, not just for them

Beth Wilson, the director of Bristol Refugee Rights, says that charities must empower those they work with and allow them to influence decision-makers directly.

Partner update: Brushstrokes

A core partner in Asylum Early action, Brushstrokes are developing preventative ways of working and embedding this learning across the organisation

Why we brought eight charities together

Rachel Ward-Newton from Refugee Action explains how a coalition of eight charities is working together on the Early Action programme.

Team buzzing after trip to BRR

The InterAction Drop-in team visited Bristol to see what lessons could be learned from their Asylum Early Action partners.