An approach
not a solution

Early Action is an approach to designing and delivering services that help people in the asylum system before they reach crisis.

Belief in
Long-term Change

To move away from firefighting crises, we are taking a step back to design services differently. We analyse current provision and make changes by prioritising prevention and de-escalation. We appreciate this takes time and there are barriers to overcome.


Shifting power by involving people with lived experience of the issues you work on within your organisation's work. In service design this looks like frontline workers and people with lived experience coming together to understand user needs, co-design solutions and plan and deliver responses together.

that Empower

Too often interventions are done to/for people, not with people. The best services give people the confidence, skills and resilience so that people can take action for themselves.


We try new approaches and accept the risk that not all will succeed. We evaluate what works to encourage innovation. We seek good outcomes, not predefined outputs.


We champion a shared vision for early action, created through partnerships at local level. We encourage innovation and learning and share what works.